GESUNCER is an International Technical Support team dedicated to the entire manufacturing cycle.

Gesuncer is active in the industrial and artistic ceramic sectors. The production includes the complete ceramic families:

- Frits
- Compost glazes
- Pigments
- Fine milled powders
- And all necessary auxiliaries.

The Group is composed by several affiliated companies strongly active in Spain, Turkey, India and Iran, Our expertise is to advise our customers regarding DESIGN trends and related technologies.

Thanks to the experience accumulated over more than fifteen years in the ceramic sector, the company has an in-depth knowledge of the needs and problems involved in the creative phase, related to both technical capacity and image.

Gesuncer offers its clients comprehensive design proposals, including bases and special parts, with texture and relief that are subsequently produced without variation in the manufactured part.

Gesuncer believes in companies built on a strong foundation on graphic and manual expertise, this complete creative service encompasses the research and design of backgrounds, plaster models, resins as well as ceramic prototypes, design and supply of decorative strips in ceramic or alternative materials.











  Raw Materials
  Additives, Mediums & Blinders
  Spare Parts
  Frits & Glazes
  Metallic Effects & Third Firing
  Grinding Process