GESUNCER is an International Technical Support team dedicated to the complete manufacturing cycle in the industrial and artistic ceramic sectors.

The production includes the complete ceramic families:

- Frits
- Compost glazes
- Pigments
- Fine milled powders
- All necessary auxiliaries


Alumina grinding ball is an ideal ball mill grinding media that can improve grinding efficiency and asure no contamination to your product! High alumina ball has many advantages e.g. high density, corrosion-resistance, high mechanical strength and great wear-resistance. It is an economical, widely-used and non-metallic grinding media.

Alumina grinding ball is mainly used in ceramic industry, pigment, glass, glaze, chemical industry and many other fields.

Size: Ř15 mm, Ř20 mm, Ř25 mm, Ř30 mm, Ř40 mm, Ř50 mm, Ř60 mm, Ř70 mm.

Gesuncer offers the following products: Sintered alumina grinding media, specific to each type of milling process. Sintered alumina linings, available in various thicknesses. Products with high density, high specific surface and high specific heat. Suitable for use as heat exchangers in the metal industry or as catalytic surfaces in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry. Select the category you are interested to see more details.

Select the category you are interested to see more details.













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