Raw materials for our colours are processed to pigments stable in temperature according to rigid controls under standardized production processes. According to the type of application, pigments are converted in terms of colour value and grain size. Final products are colours of evenly high steady quality.

In order to meet various kinds of application, our supply programs cover the following series:

- Colour stains for glazes
- Colour stains for glazes optimized for long firing cycles and temperatures up to 1300°C
- Colour stains for glazes optimized for Tintometer Systems
- Colours optimised for rotative-printing process Body stains
- Decorating colours for temperatures from 980 to 1200°C
- Decorating colours for temperatures from 750 to 850°C

Gesuncer series of Ceramic Stains have been specially designed for their use and maximum performances in the glazes used today. Our special Tintometer range makes it possible to achieve the most extensive range of ceramic shades using a small number of pigments. Our Ceramic Stains series can be used for all types of production method: Double firing, Single firing and glazed porcelain.

The characteristics of this series ensure its maximum adaptability to the latest manufacturing technologies that are currently used in the ceramics sector.

Our Porcelain Stains series are clearly a competitive option for technical porcelain stoneware, as well as meeting the specific requirements of dry colouring materials.

Gesuncer Sanitary Ware Stains is a consequence of our successful experience in designing Ceramic Stains, but with additional demands in terms of resistance to high temperatures and double firing, as well as the high dispersion power required by this sector.




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